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Industrial construction: Automotive
Showroom or car wash

The perfect building is located at the intersection of beauty and functionality. At Altez, we try to reach that balance down to the last detail. Especially when it comes to showroom and garage construction. Because a showroom or garage is the showpiece of your business.

When building your car wash, Altez takes into account the specific needs of the sector, but also your own expectations.

Of all the car wash models, you want a car wash that blends in with the sector you operate in. That's only natural. Altez leaves all the options open, because we build any kind of car wash:

  • Self-car wash. A car wash with a token system where the driver washes the vehicle.

  • Roll-over car wash. Car wash where the driver drives his own vehicle, but the washing is automated

  • Car wash. A car wash with chain system where several vehicles are washed at the same time 

We build car washes suitable for passenger cars, but we can also provide infrastructure for vans and trucks.

Before we build your car wash, we’ll sit down with you. In consultation with the architect, we take your preferences into account. The architecture, the size, the car wash model and your budget: as a contractor, we make sure that the entire project is in line with your field of expertise and your personality.

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