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Perfect stables

Are you looking for a customer-oriented system construction of livestock stables with attention for your animals and also for the agricultural architecture? Look no further, because our construction system is fast, flexible and tailored to your business needs. Whatever kind of cattle houses you need, Altez Agro will build them for you:

  • dairy cattle

  • calf stalls

  • young stock stables

  • suckler cow sheds

  • beef cattle

Our team guarantees a smooth, flexible and high-quality handling of your project. From A to Z. After consultation, we will pass on your wishes, ideas and requirements to our team of engineers. The technical side of the design is examined, after which our experienced builders start working on the finished plan for the livestock stables.

We don’t just build cattle sheds for you; we also build cattle sheds for your animals. We aim for maximum comfort for the cows in every barn. Besides safety, sufficient air and light supply are absolute priorities. Our engineers also take the cow’s quality of life into account when making choices about the volume of cattle housing and the sustainability of the materials used.

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Etables à bovins
Etables à bovins
Etables à bovins
Etables à bovins
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Are you looking for a professional partner in agricultural construction? Please feel free to contact Altez Agro, we will be happy to help with any type of shed and stables construction.
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