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Concerning the Altez Group

What makes Altez Altez?


What makes Altez Altez?

The Altez Construction Group has production facilities for the manufacturing of prefab concrete elements and metal structures. In our factories in Bree (Concrete panels) and Oudsbergen (Concrete panels and steel structures) we guarantee the high quality and finish of our building products.

Having our own production facilities has a high added value when it comes to guaranteeing quality, since we control these ourselves, as well as in the planning of the construction process. By perfectly coordinating production and assembly, we are able to produce "just-in-time" and have these products arrive at the right time at the site. With this we achieve a tight schedule, we meet our deadlines and we deliver very high quality products, with very satisfied customers as a result.

Prefab concrete panels


Constant quality, being flexible in dimensions, achieving high insulation values in insulated panels and the speed of construction with such walls are just a few specific reasons for working with prefabricated walls. These walls are made in-house at the Altez Construction Group, in specially equipped factories, at a constant temperature and air flow, so that the constant quality can be guaranteed.




The prefab concrete elements produced by The ALTEZ Construction Group have a high insulation value by using a patented system to prevent so-called cold bridges.


The prefab concrete elements are delivered "ready to use" on the construction site. This greatly increases the speed of construction. Additional the advantage of the insulated wall panels is that the inner wall is polished or smoothly smoothed can be supplied, thus finishing up to a minimum can be limited.


Taste can be disputed, but the time when concrete has a gray appearance has passed. The prefab concrete elements from ALTEZ can be supplied in various finishes. Whether it is a brick (strip)appearance, a smooth finish, or colored concrete, you determine the appearance of your building.


Steel structures

The Altez Construction Group is an international supplier of steel structures with extensive experience in engineering, production and delivery of steel structures. From rough metal to fully finished steel structures, every project can count on the expertise of our employees.

We supply the right steel construction for every type of specialty, such as utility construction, production halls, 3D structures, parking garages, office buildings, stage construction, steel - concrete, facade structures and residential construction.
The realization of heavy and technically complex steel structures requires a special approach that Altez has mastered. The designs are complex, there are more far-reaching requirements and the projects are often large-scale. In short, technically challenging projects that we are happy to tackle with both hands.

Altez calculates, produces and delivers your customized steel construction.

Every desired project is elaborated on specific dimensions and wishes of you as a customer. Whether it concerns a steel structure for supporting a ski slope, such as that of Snow Valley in Peer, or the support of wall and roof construction of an agricultural stable up to and including the steel structure necessary for a gas pump along the motorway, within Altez we have the expertise in-house.

Steel structures are calculated based on the building or project where they are used. We have the capacity to make the relevant calculations for complex steel structures. On the basis of these calculations, the steel structure is drawn by means of CAD Cam software programs. This software takes care of compiling so-called NC files that control our numerically controlled machines. This guarantees a perfect customized version.

Our processes are certified according to CE marking method according to EN 1090.

Our welders are certified according to the EN287-1 standard and ensure smooth and aesthetically pleasing welds that meet the most stringent Belgian and German inspection requirements.
The construction is blasted with steel grid to a purification grade SA 2.5 and can be painted in its own workshop or galvanized elsewhere after welding.
For the profiles, new and first-choice commercial steel is always used, according to the EN10025 standard, unless otherwise requested.

We calculate, produce and deliver your steel construction with endless possibilities.

The drawing is our starting point! Regardless of the size of the project, the parts to be bridged or the way in which the steel structure must be finished, we are able to convert your drawing into a steel structure that meets all requirements. Within utility construction, construction of production halls, erection of 3D structures, steel structures in parking garages, steel frames for office buildings, the stage construction, steel - concrete combinations, supporting facade structures and (prefab) housing, the possibilities are endless.



Custom project

With every project we listen to your specific wishes and we think along with you and the latest laws and regulations. Together we search for the most practical and functional solutions.
We tailor-make your project, not only in word but precisely in our deeds.
Come and experience the enthusiasm of our building consultants in a no-obligation first meeting, make your appointment today.

LG-Beton Meco Metal

Our price is competitive, your enjoyment of work is our concern

Designing and realizing valuable prefab buildings with a qualitative and modern look in a cost-effective and leading-edge way to increase your business efficiency: that is our mission!
We always think out-of-the-box when it comes to materials, concepts and styles.

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