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Do you want to build your showroom, warehouse or SME offices that will be the showpiece of your company? 
Altez designs and builds prefabricated concrete systems for cost-conscious entrepreneurs. We offer you energy-efficient, profitable and elegant building solutions.

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Higher insulation value, lower energy costs.

Good energy management is a major challenge for every manager. What if you make significant cost savings right from the start, when the first bit of land is tackled with the spade. Altez will be happy to help you.

We design and manufacture prefabricated wall and concrete elements with a high insulation value in our own workshop. The insulation layer between two concrete slabs already provides a first inherent energy saving. We developed an innovative GFRP anchoring system to connect these slabs into a ready-to-use element. Studies and infrared tests show that their use prevents thermal bridges and minimises thermal loss.

In addition, we strive for a high degree of finishing in the construction process in order to stay ahead of other possible thermal bridges. In 2015, we won the sustainability award for the best energy-efficient construction method, and we are proud of that.

Precast concrete system - with personality

You still think warehouses and industrial buildings emanate the same boring greyness? That time is long gone. Precast concrete is definitely not some dull uniform structure. Among the wide range of concrete elements, you can pick the look that best suits your company’s image. Brick strip look, smooth finish, or coloured concrete: your building will acquire a unique shape in no time at all.

  • You get absolute quality thanks to our own production workshop

  • You benefit from quick installation thanks to our ready-made constructions

  • You determine how your building will look thanks to our wide range of prefabricated elements

  • You will find an alert construction partner in Altez

Design your optimal building solution

The applications are numerous. As your dedicated construction partner, we design your building according to your corporate DNA. Concrete panels in combination with a modern steel structure, large glass panes and skylights that let the daylight in, a panoramic view and a comfortable indoor climate. Suspended structures optimally integrate a building into its surroundings, giving it a spatial and modern look.

Highly personal partnership

A good partnership is essential for Altez. As the partner in industrial buildings, we provide tailor-made support. After a transparent preliminary phase, we guide you from design to delivery in personal consultation. We listen to what your building objectives are. We get to know you, your company, and work processes through and through, and make an analysis of your needs. On this basis, we propose the optimal building solution: a total concept that meets all your wishes and expectations.

Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us.
Are you looking for an all-round construction partner? Please feel free to contact Altez Industrial Construction, we will be happy to help you.