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Are you looking for a partner in warehouse construction? At Altez you’ve come to the right place. Together with you and our sector specialists, we aim for the most optimal concept in terms of functionality, maintenance and price/quality. We take care of the complete follow-up and finishing of your agricultural buildings; from design over production, to substructure and assembly.

System construction is extremely suitable for the construction of all kinds of agricultural sheds. A maximum amount of concrete in the warehouses creates a durable, maintenance-friendly environment with a large insulating buffer in order to optimally store your product. You can contact us for the following types of warehouse construction

  • machine sheds

  • horticultural sheds

  • fruit sheds

  • multi-purpose sheds

  • granaries

  • storage sheds for manure and fertilisers

  • storage sheds for e.g. ware potatoes, seed potatoes, onions, carrots and celeriac

As a contractor in agricultural construction of agricultural sheds, Altez can present an impressive reference list of satisfied customers.

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Hangars agricoles
Hangars agricoles
Hangars agricoles
Hangars agricoles
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Are you looking for a professional partner in agricultural construction? Please feel free to contact Altez Agro, we will be happy to help with any type of shed and stables construction.
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