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Smart building innovations


As an enterprising livestock or arable farmer, you have to comply with increasingly strict environmental and permit requirements, also for your stables and/or storage areas. This makes the necessary building and renovation costs rise.

That is why Altez continuously develops innovative stable concepts with your daily reality in mind. Our prefabricated stable systems not only reduce construction and energy costs, but also increase your work efficiency, production, animal health and thus ultimately your operating return.

Cool floors, happy cows - Cold Dairy Concrete (CDC)

The CDC Cold Dairy Concrete is Altez’ latest floor cooling concept for dairy stables. In order to achieve optimum floor cooling, we provide plastic slats in our precast concrete floors (Altez Walk To Milk WTM), in the bedding and under the feeding trough. Groundwater is controlled by the slats so that the temperature of the concrete surface decreases. This creates the following advantages:

  • Reduced environmental impact, improved locomotion – The system contributes significantly to reducing emissions due to its lower surface temperature. Condensation on the cooled floor surface makes it harder for the manure to stick to the floor, making it safe, smooth and comfortable for your dairy cattle to move around the barns – especially in hot periods.

  • More productive cows – The CDC floor reduces heat stress for the cows in summer months, thus reducing its negative effects (reduced milk production, increased somatic cell count, .. .).

  • Healthier fodder – This cooling technology prevents the fodder from sticking to the fodder trough, and improves the quality and absorption.

  • Sustainable and smart energy consumption – Heat extracted from the stable by the floor system can be used elsewhere via a heat pump, allowing you to use energy intelligently.

More daylight in the stables, short calving intervals - Altez Daylight Cover (ADL)

We developed the Altez Daylight Cover (ADL) to provide our agricultural customers with optimal and natural lighting. The Altez Daylight Cover uses innovative heat-resisting technology to let daylight into the barns and to keep it pleasantly fresh in the barn, even on hot days. And that has a positive impact on people and animals.

  • Work pleasure and overview – Farmers have more fun working in the light stables: they keep a better overview and control. The draught of the cows is particularly noticeable.

  • Healthier livestock: cattle farmers have noticed that they need to administer fewer antibiotics, and that the number of udder infections is decreasing.

  • Fertile cows: Cows are more fertile: the calving time decreases noticeably.

  • Higher milk production: : Not unimportantly: milk production increases by 6% to 15%.

Not only dairy farmers benefit from the innovative ADL roofing material. Poultry farmers also benefit from it – especially if they want to switch to organic farming. Free range hens feel comfortable under the light roof, which also increases their productivity.

And, of course, there is the impact on energy consumption: artificial lighting is switched on and off later, which significantly reduces energy costs.

Smoother fodder flow, higher milk production - Altez Walk To Milk floor

In the Walk To Milk concept, prefabricated concrete floors with integrated rubber paths form smart manure and walking paths that are placed on open soil or on manure cellars. Your dairy cattle will move easily to the feeding alley and the waiting area; at the fodder fence they will comfortably stand on two rubber strips behind the fodder fence. This results in 8 to 10% more fodder intake, which automatically leads to higher production.

Ensiling in the blink of an eye - Altez Multi Click Silo

Altez’ innovative Multi Click Silo eliminates the pulling and dragging of car tyres when ensiling grass and fodder. With stainless steel hooks and lashing straps, you can open or close the silo quickly and safely, and save yourself a lot of hard work.