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About us

What makes Altez Altez

We are Altez Construction Group: an all-round construction partner for your agricultural, equestrian and industrial construction projects.

As a construction company, we want to offer our customers added value, and we do so based on our specific values.

To begin with, we build cost-consciously, quickly and sustainably thanks to our precast steel and concrete structures. Our ready-made, high-quality building elements are sturdy and have a high level of insulation. So you save energy and can count on a stable construction that stands the test of time perfectly.

But not only that, we also strive for originality in each individual project. Precast structures by no means all have to look the same. We choose with you what best suits your personal corporate image, whether you set up a large or small project, prefer a brick, colorful or smooth finish.

Finally, our innovative concepts demonstrate future-oriented thinking. Our agro, hippico and industrial constructions are designed to save on energy costs. In addition, they increase production and work efficiency and take animal welfare and the environment into account. Today, for example, we are building the storage shed of the future.

In this way we relieve you of all your worries and coordinate your entire construction project smoothly from A to Z. You already deduced that from our name, right?

Feel free to contact us for more info on how we work. We will help you quickly with professional and personal advice on your construction plans.

Who are we?

As an All-round construction partner, we deploy our expertise within various fields. We are happy to list them for you:

From a horse breeding farm in Balen (Belgium) or a water sports center in Goes (Netherlands) to a wine shed in Welgesheim (Germany): nothing is too crazy for us. On diverse projects and throughout various regions, our in-house specialists think along with you without any problem.

Curious about more?

So, now you know what we do and what we stand for. And since we are active in various fields, we are happy to present you with an impressive reference list of satisfied customers.

What projects are we currently engaged in? You will discover that here.

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