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Equestrian Projects

Every rider with sporting ambitions comes one day to Belgium where, with a certainty bordering on certainty, he finds the ideal match: That one horse that makes his sporting dream come true. It is now well enough known that the best show jumpers come from Belgium. It owes that worldwide status to its high-performance breeding and adequate training of horses and coaching of riders. Nowhere is the bar higher than in Belgium, and that line continues in various related sectors. Think of horse clinics such as Equitom and the Altez Equestrian Projects, which guarantees functional and aesthetic housing, whether it is a stud farm or sports stable. Altez Equestrian Projects is part of the Altez Group, a specialist in agricultural and industrial construction projects. Over the past decades, the demand for specific stable construction increased proportionally with the demand for our horses. Which in turn attracted riders to settle in our regions. Nowhere else are proportionately so many horses born, trained, trained and brought out in international competitions. Many of them find shelter in a stable with the signature of Altez.

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Every rider with sporting ambitions will find in Belgium the perfect match for his sporting dream. The best show jumpers in the world come from Belgium thanks to high-performance breeding and excellent training. Altez Equestrian Projects responds to this by providing functional and aesthetic housing, such as stud farms and sports stables. With decades of experience, Altez offers high-quality building solutions that meet the highest standards in the horse industry.

Veterinary Practices

Belgium is known for its first-class equine clinics, such as Equitom. This status is due to the close cooperation between breeders, trainers and veterinarians. Altez Equestrian Projects offers specialized building solutions for veterinary practices, focusing on safety and comfort for the horses. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, Altez realizes your dream clinic from permit application to completion.

Sports and training stable

Top riders worldwide choose Belgium as their base of operations because of the superior quality of horses and facilities. Altez Equestrian Projects has a prominent role in the development of sports and training stables. With projects ranging from basic functionality to luxury integrated ecological stables, Altez supports riders such as Olympic champion Franke Sloothaak and world champion Jos Lansink in their sporting ambitions.

Horse Stables

Altez Equestrian Projects offers customized horse stable solutions, with each stable acting as a client’s business card. The stables are designed with an eye for both aesthetics and functionality, with the client’s needs at the forefront. From permit applications to landscaping and fencing, Altez supervises the entire project. This approach, combined with years of expertise, guarantees the best living environment for your horses.

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