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Water Policy

To produce quality concrete, it’s essential to use the right amount of water. Sustainable management and optimal use of water are essential. Water consumption is strictly limited to what is strictly necessary.

Control points are integrated into the bottom of the mixer to measure the amount of water already present in the raw materials. The computer then calculates how much additional water needs to be added.

Each of Altez production sites (Oudsbergen & Bree) has a recycling machine where all polishing water and concrete residues are rewashed and separated into clean water, gravel and muddy water. Sand and gravel are reused in subsequent mixes. Sludge water is stored in an underground pit beneath the mixer and this water is then added to new concrete mixes, so we don’t have to discharge residual water into the sewage system.

We regularly evaluate our processes to determine where and how water use can be optimized.

We carry out regular inspections and maintenance to detect and repair leaks and avoid unnecessary water losses.

We make our employees aware of the importance of water conservation and efficient use in their daily tasks.