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Sustainable purchasing policy

At Altez, we are committed to promoting sustainability in all our activities, including our procurement practices. Through our sustainable procurement policy, we aim to create a positive social and environmental impact in our supply chain and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Environmental Criteria:

– We prefer suppliers who demonstrably strive for environmentally friendly products and processes.
– Where technically and economically feasible, we encourage the use of sustainable materials, such as recycled or secondary raw materials and materials with a low environmental impact.
– Suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental standards and regulations and commit to continuously improving their environmental performance.

Social Criteria:

– We require our suppliers to adhere to all relevant labor standards and laws, including fair working conditions, equal opportunities, and respect for labor rights.
– We expect suppliers to provide a safe and healthy working environment for their employees and to commit to the well-being of their staff.

Performance Improvement:

– In cases of non-compliance with this policy, Altez will request the supplier in question to take corrective measures to meet the specified requirements.
– We will work with suppliers to offer support and guidance in improving their sustainability performance.
– If repeated non-compliance occurs, we reserve the right to terminate the business relationship with the supplier.