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EQUITOM – Lummen (BE) Veterinary Practices

Equitom, founded by Tom Mariën, is perhaps the world’s most renowned equine clinic. Patients from all continents are treated at Equitom. Altez has now developed a sustainable collaboration with Equitom, through which we have already completed five projects. Tom Mariën has an impeccable reputation as a surgeon who is primarily demanding of himself. This also applies to his clinics.


Equitom “The most renowned equine clinic in the world”


His original clinic in Lummen has already quadrupled in size, each expansion carried out by Altez. Recently, a new clinic was added in Namur, and plans are ready for an Equitom equine clinic in France. More than with other clients, we worked at Equitom tailored to the horse. This translated into the use of new materials, from the flooring to customized spaces for diagnostic equipment. Consider the specific hygiene requirements for the operating and recovery rooms, the intensive care and rehabilitation boxes, the diagnostic department where a secure environment was provided for radiology, ultrasound, MRI, scintigraphy, and computed tomography.


Tom Mariën knew exactly what he wanted, but he didn’t have time to follow up on the construction site. It is inherent to our clientele that we fully manage, execute, and deliver his project.