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Hens Guy LV

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Modern Robotic Dairy Barn with ADL Cover and WTM Floor


“What does an economical dairy barn look like according to ALTEZ, in which we can efficiently milk 240 – 250 cows and where sustainability is paramount?” … This was the question the Hens family asked us at the first meeting!


A symmetrical dairy barn with the feed alley centrally located in the middle. An ADL cover for fertility and smooth workflow. WTM floors so that cows can always choose a soft surface and where manure can be directly used to generate electricity.


Altez NV constructed a state-of-the-art dairy barn prioritizing cow comfort and work efficiency. The ADL cover ensures an unprecedented amount of light in the barn at all times, making working in the barn a pleasant task. This ADL also directly reduces the energy bill since the lights only turn on in complete darkness. The WTM floors are chosen with a primary separation system so that finger scrapers can be used efficiently in the future. Additionally, these floors have recently been recognized as low-emission. The WTM ensures that the animals can always choose the “right” path. The raised step at the front is deliberately implemented so that the animals are never hindered when the manure scraper passes. The feed alley in the center of the barn is placed 20cm higher than the animals, providing a direct view of the entire barn. The large straw pens at the front are directly connected to the robots, allowing the use of a split-entry system… Fresh cows or heifers receive the maximum comfort they deserve. This also led to the creation of three separate calf sections, where the all-in all-out principle results in an unprecedentedly low disease pressure on the farm. On this farm, WTM also helps in directly using manure to generate electricity. After generating electricity, the digestate is stored externally, reducing harmful fumes in the barn, resulting in a healthier climate! Segment curtains on the side of the barn, equipped with climate control, ensure the animals always receive the right amount of fresh air. The setup with the feed alley in the middle also kept the building height limited, which was financially advantageous. Building with a very limited cellar (at the location of the robots) significantly reduced the costs for a cellar.

Additional Information:

Altez NV executed this project as a turnkey solution. The complete setup was also provided by Altez NV.

Choosing the right materials makes this barn very attractive under the current VLIF regulations.

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