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This building is characterized by a steel structure, insulated light gray concrete panels with no thermal bridges, and graceful accents of vertical wooden slats, complemented by black joinery and an elegant bar balustrade at the terrace.

The main dance hall measures 36 x 20m and features a divisible “main-dance floor,” resulting in nearly 500m² of parquet flooring on the ground floor, adjacent to a cozy bar. Two precast concrete staircases reach the upper floor, where you will find another dance hall and lounge bar, with an excellent overview of the dance scene.

The challenges were considerable, from positioning the columns for optimal visibility to adapting the girders for the considerable load due to the wide spans. We also had to consider sound insulation, ventilation, climate control, and the installation of lighting and projection in the stability study.

Despite building permit delays and unexpected challenges following the demolition of the existing building, our dedicated construction team completed the job in just four months, even in the middle of the vacation season. This allowed winter classes to start in September. An accomplishment of which we are justly proud!

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