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In Melle, Altez Industriebouw has realized a beautiful ecological project.

A project of 570 m² in 3 building layers, built by means of a steel construction. The facade elements are made of industrial and architectural concrete.

Geert Perneel

The concrete roof is super insulated with 14 cm of PIR between the concrete shells. A green roof with solar panels is provided on this. The windows are 3 double glazed.

Altez finished the building shell including earthworks and exterior landscaping. Eco Heating took care of the finishes and techniques.

570 m2
Floor area
3 double glazed windows
14 cm PIR
Roof insulation

“A wonderful reference on a commercial location in a good Partner ship with the client which led to a beautiful whole and a satisfied client.”.

Geert Perneel
Altez Construction Group

The biggest challenge was the construction of the levels with as narrow as possible strips between them. In addition, at the front of the building there is a 5 m overhang, above which there is another floor. This was an example of our own engineering department’s expertise.

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